Pittsburgh Northstar Rhythmic Team is the one of five rhythmic gymnastics programs in Pennsylvania and the only one in Western PA. Our program is directed by Kamelia Velkova Dunlevy, a two time Bulgarian National Champion. We are a part of Jewart’s Gymnastics and are located north of Pittsburgh.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that involves athletic skill, but also requires gymnasts to perform with grace and ease. Athletes must combine extreme flexibility with strength, musicality, endurance and coordination.¬†Girls manipulate the ball, hoop, rope, clubs, or ribbon while performing intricate leaps, balances, dance movements and acrobatic skills. Gymnasts in this “Cirque de Soleil” sport will use all parts of their bodies to juggle, toss, roll and catch the hand apparatus in a variety of shapes and positions. Rhythmic apparatus is best suited for girls with long limbs and natural flexibility.